Most of my clients come through me via word of mouth, so providing a good service and building a trusting relationship with my clients is vital to my business.

Most woman and men like to have a point of call when it comes to their hormonal health as many GP’s still do not fully understand hormones or how to treat them.

It is also important to continue to monitor levels if you are using the cream.

Below are some examples of clients who have used my service, I work alone from home but always in conjunction with GP’s, nurses, CHCH labs,pharmaceutical compounding Co

The examples used below do not use names to protect privacy and permission has been gained from these clients to use them as examples.

22 year old female

diagnosis:  post natal psychosis/PMS

I used lise Moody when I suffered from a very scary episode of post natal pychosis and ended up on anti psychotic drugs in hospital.  I also had PMS very badly.

I felt embarassed by this episode and could not remember what had happend, the drugs worked and I recovered quickly.

I rang Lise as I  had done some reserch into the use of progesterone and for woman with post natal issues.

Lise did a saliva progesterone test which came back as 0.5nmol/L and I was commenced on the transdermal cream 20mg 2%.

Lise explained that as my levels were low it may be triggering the PMS and post natal episode as I was vulnerable to the changes in my hormone levels following the birth of a baby.

Lise was supportive and understanding and gave me a medical cause that no other maternal professional gave or GP.

I also added zinc, magnesium B 12 and iron to my vitamin intake and felt so much better.

This really helped me feel so much better.

I then became pregnant with my second child and was terrified that this would happen again.

I was told by Lise and Pharmacuetical compounding Co to start using the progesterone suppositories followed by the cream once the baby was born.

I did this as precribed and did not get any post natal issues this time around.

I would highly reccomend lise and commend her for her efforts into the use of bio identical hormones, I wish more medical professionals used them.

female 55


I contacted lise when I suffered from night sweats, hot flushes, I had been on HRT but it made me feel awful so came of it.

I was deperate for anything that might help,most GP’s told me it was a natural event so felt I would just have to deal with it.

My clothes and sheets were covered in persperation, I was always hot and woke so many times a night I lost count.

I also felt very tired, low mood, had vaginal dryness and low libido

My progesterone result came back as 0.2nmol/L

Lise emailed my GP who started me on the cream 20mg/2% for 3 weeks on and one week off, she also added 7 keto DHEA,  she also told me she might look to add estrogen but only if my symptoms of low libido continued. A few weeks after using the cream I felt so much better, my night sweats had not gone altoghether but had reduced so much I had a better nights sleep, my hot flushes became bearable again and my libido went up for the first time in years.

I also tried ovestin vaginal cream with the progesterone which helped.

I highly suggest Lise to any woman going through menopause, the difference it makes is incredible.

28 years female

dizziness before a period


I contacted Lise at natural hormones as I had been to my GP suffering from Dizziness and PMS just before the onset of a period.

I went to my GP who could not understand why this was occuring, my BP was normal, my blood sugar was normal, I was not low in iron and had a good diet. I even had an MRI all normal.

Lise told me to do a saliva progesterone test which came back as 0.4nmol/L

She told me one possible cause was the low progesterone which has a direct link to my blood sugar levels/endocrine system causing them to drop esp around the time of my period.

I used the cream as prescibed and no longer get any dizziness and my PMS is so much better.

For any woman going through PMS or what I went through go to Lise and do not suffer.

female 55



I have a low thyroid reading from my GP, he commenced me on eltroxin, I also felt so awful with menopause I contacted lise.

Lise did a saliva test which came back as 0.4nmol/L

I have started using progesterone and got immediate relief, I also swtiched from eltroxin (an artificial thyroxine) onto whole natural thryroxine and feel so much better, my depression has lifted after years I can see the light even the anti depressants I took for years did little to improve my mood.

Synthetic hormones made me feel ghastly, I can only give my a/c and say look at the natural option first, it works!