The History

Natural progesterone was first crystallised in 1934, from sows ovaries.
In the late 1930’s large amounts of progesterone was synthesised from human placentas. In 1939 a progesterone-like compound was made from sarsaparilla and soon after it was discovered that diosgenin from wild yam could  be converted to progesterone. (Paterson, Kimberly,  Progesterone, the natural hormone.)

What is it?

As above it is made from a substance called diosgenin found in soybeans and wild yams.
The diosgenin is extracted  and modified in a laboratory to create the hormones.
Your body cannot modify diosgenin and turn it into hormones simply by ingesting it.
Even though the cream is made in a lab it is still the same as what your body would make.
It is important for woman who use the cream to know where it has come from and who has manufactured it.
There are creams being manufactured out there for pure profit margins that do not contain an adequate amount of progesterone and will be ineffective in treating the symptoms.

The process

The cream has to be prescribed by your GP as it is a legal prescription drug in NZ, you should never buy hormones online as you simply do not know what is in them.

The Auckland Pharmaceutical compounding c/o is who I use as they have been compounding bio identical hormones for years and have a wealth of knowledge by a trained team.


When do I apply it?

The general rule for application is that if you are still menstruating to use it two out of the four weeks, the two weeks following your first period which is classed as day one.

Day 11 to 28 is the usual guideline and stop once your period arrives, never use the cream if you have a break through bleed or are menstruating.

Apply 40/4% progesterone at night time to the labia (outside of vagina) known as a mucosa lining, this is a superior form of delivering the hormone without the risk of build up if used on the skin.

pre/post/surgical Menopause.

If you no longer have periods then the cream should be used for three weeks with one week off.

Progesterone 40mg/4% applied twice a day  (1-25 days of the month.) used alone

Bi est cream 4/1 containing both progesterone as 40mg and estrogen in smaller amounts.

Apply as above to labia at night time 3 weeks on and one week off.

A woman knows her own body best so she tends to gauge her own needs and work with the cream based on how she is feeling.

It is important not to over use the cream which can defeat the purpose of its effectiveness.